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Date Ningen c03 Released!

May 26, 2011

You’ll get shivers!

[Click here to punish the wicked.] (DDL)

Admittedly I haven’t finished translation on Gundam 3-4 yet (irl stuff), but I will soon. After that is Date 4 (and hopefully Warabe 1 is out soon).


Date Ningen c02 released!

May 15, 2011

Thanks to Onsokkun for his diligence.

[Click here to pray for rain.] (DDL)

As an additional note, I have begun translation on Warabe no Kusa. It’s essentially the precursor to Date Ningen, also drawn by my god and yours, Miyanagi Ryu. It’s a joint project with taimea. Expect a release of chapter 1 soon!

(Origins is on its way, too.)


Date Ningen 01 Released!

May 10, 2011

Date Ningen is a cool new(ish) shonen manga by Miyanagi Ryu (loosely) based on Date Masamune in the Sengoku period. It’s extremely stylized and has a bit of humor, in addition to excellent art. I suggest everyone take a look at it.

Translation: shram
Editing: Onsokkun

[Click here to dive blindly.] (DDL)

Everyone be sure to thank Onsokumaru for his excellent work!

伊達人間 (date ningen):
だて date – Date Masamune’s family name. Also a synonym in modern Japanese for showy, gaudy, magnificent, etc.
にんげん ningen – Man, human, etc.