Like Ryna from Legend of the Legendary Heroes, I have pretty much no ambition (not ambition like the title of the first volume, yabou, but ambition like passion for doing something with my life). I’m in my last year of completing my Japanese Language and Literature BA, something I’ve been trying to do for many years – money and life tend to get in the way of everything. What I’ve decided to do, since my learning at school has been retarded (not retarded like autism, retarded like slowed down) to the point where only self-study can improve my language skills, is translate things that I want on my own time.

I like reading. I like Japanese shit. Well, most of it. I don’t like AKB48, Hatsune Miku, racism or anime fans, but I do enjoy manga and light novels, especially fantasy. Denyuden(LOLH) came out of left field and kind of entranced me. I read maybe 80 pages into the first novel about a year ago but had to put it down to focus on finals and the like, but never picked it up again. Well, recently I decided I should.

Moreover, I decided I wanted to translate it. This is not a project for fans.  I’ve done a lot of internet-based fan translation in the past 10 years – anime, manga, video games, even an RPG Maker – with nothing to show for it but a bunch of wonderful people over this ‘series of tubes’ that either a) steal your work b) shit on your work or c) steal, then shit on your work. I never wanted praise, but I certainly didn’t expect to get ridiculed. Maybe when first starting I thought I was ‘giving back’ to the community, but now I realize there never was a community to give back to. The people I truly cared for that helped shape myself with the entertainments I love so much – old school tape fansubbers, ROM hackers, and the like – are long gone. They have families and shit now. The more I think about it, the more I realize the great “internet dudes” of old have one thing in common – they did what they wanted because they loved it. Not because of getting internetfamous or seeing their download meter go up, because they simply loved their games and anime and manga that much.

I love what I do that much. When you can look at something you’ve written, translated or otherwise, and be proud that it represents not only the thoughts in your head but perhaps also the thoughts given to you by another person, it’s a good feeling. When you look at half-assed Engrishy “fan” works that are looked up to as pieces of art that do nothing more than bastardize the source work, you feel a piece of you get shattered. Writing is art, that much is certain. Translation should not be a repainting of a masterpiece. It should merely be an interpretation. An interpretation, but also a vision through a smudge-free looking-glass. I don’t take it lightly.

Anyway, all of these projects are for me. This is so that I can improve my skills as a translator. Are the things I plan to do translated? I don’t know. Don’t really care. Nobody may ever read this forward or anything that comes after, but the point is this is just for -me-. Also, there will be no translation notes unless I especially decide to write some out for whatever extra reason. If people want to compare translations, look up the original Japanese.

I hope I enjoy.



  1. I followed Date Ningen and Warabe no Kusa to your disclaimer and I have to say I completely agree with your standpoint. I’m an artist (was going for professional but changed my mind to hobby) and not a translator but I can easily substitute your frustration of the botched language with botched artwork. I’ve previously scanlated manga and webcomics for fun but after a while, it started feeling like a second job. There are plenty of nice readers and there are also those who sort of feel entitled to their weekly fix. RL eventually caught up and I more or less dropped out of the scanlation scene.

    I do still miss editing sometimes but I don’t want to rejoin or join a group due to the time commitment required. So instead, I’ve been editing some self picked projects like Date Ningen and Warabe no Kusa for my own personal amusement. I came here to ask for permission to use your translations from the ones you’ve already posted (and maybe any future scripts if you ever feel like picking up translating them again) but I don’t want to distribute them across the net after I’m done.

    Thank you for your previous releases. I’d appreciate if permission was given but If you decline to my request, I’d understand. I’ll probably continue to edit the pages for entertainment.

    • Absolutely, use them as you wish. I don’t think I’m going to resume manga scanlation, but you never know. Maybe I’ll get bored later today and do some more. I’m wily like that!

      Stop by again! 🙂

  2. Hello! First of all, I wanted to thank you for translating what you have of Warabe no Kusa and Date Ningen. I love what I’ve seen of them and I never would have known about them without your and taimea’s scans. So, thank you!

    They haven’t been updated in a while, but I’d love to see the end of at least Warabe no Kusa…

    There is a scanlation group I follow that’s interested in taking new projects, and I was hoping that you’d give permission for me to recommend Warabe no Kusa to them.

    I know you said that you don’t think you’ll ever resume manga scanlation again… but I want to be 100% sure that it would be alright with you anyway.

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