Hundred Stories Dawon

Hyaku Monogatari
3rd Candle

This is the threshold between this world and the next — The famous secluded Poltergeist Retreat.
How many of you will be joining us this evening?


Come, the number hate-er, eight table is ready. [惨/3]
Here are the menus.

Our juicy, heartily thick steaks, dripping with blood, are a favorite among English gentlemen.
Our magma soup permeates to the marrow of the bone with the attractive flavor of a crimson fruit.
Our deadnettle and hellgrass salad, covered in devilishly salty dressing is sure to stimulate your tongues.
And for dessert, our powdered fruit jellies are so delicious they will leave you climbing towards heaven.

Oh, you wish to order the “Ramen of Terror”?
No no, that’s quite all right. It’ll be ready soon. The price is the most reasonable, as well.

Until your food is ready, please take a look out the window at the expansive lake of blood… er, lake being stained red by the setting sun, and the beautiful archipelago streching into heaven. [Amano-hashidate]

Thank you for waiting. Here is your “Ramen of Terror”.
Ah, please don’t give me such a surprised look.

Instead of the bamboo shoots, I put in the skin of a worthless sod.
Instead of the fish cakes, I put in eyes that know only impure things.
Instead of the seaweed, I put in fingertips that know only scratching.
Instead of the noodles, I put in the messy hair of a fool.

The soup is a blend of plasma taken from men, women and children of all ages, with the ground bones of infants mixed in as the base.

Please, have a taste. Eat up.
What do you think? It’s delicious, right?

I’m glad.

Could you pick up your check now?
It comes to 380 yen.

…You don’t have any money? That’s no good.
If you cannot handle the bill, I will have to take collateral.

Your skin.
Your eyes.
Your fingertips.
Your hair.
Your blood.
Your bones.

That should be enough.
It should be…

It’s all right, everything I need is inside your stomach.

What you just ate. Do you understand now?
Although, with that hollowed body…

You can’t understand, can you… [わかりません]

Candle number 3 is out.


4th candle
Satsujinsama 札神様
First Shock

A long, long time ago, a woman went to a village in a remote region.
She carried with her a water jug filled with gold coins of all sizes, and said this:

“I killed my husband and fled. I’ll give you money, please, won’t you hide me?”

The villagers were hypnotized by the gold and hid the woman in the mayor’s warehouse.

The next day, an official came from town.

“Has a woman come to this village? If you’re hiding her, I’ll kill every last one of you.”

The mayor grew frightened and handed over the woman.

The woman, resisting, was given the death penalty on the spot.

“Traitorous villagers! You’ve made me angry!”
The woman howled in frenzy, tears in her eyes and grinning.

“Listen! Your sins will spread. You’re all sinners!”
The woman’s throat was cut and she died.

The official left. The mayor then searched for the woman’s jug in the warehouse. But no matter how much he searched, he didn’t find it.
He suspected one of his servants. He was a contemptuous youth troubled by not having any money.
The boy entreated him over and over, saying his claims were false and “You’re wrong!”, but the mayor, mad with rage, split his head open with a hatchet.

The next day, the mayor was served poison and died.
The one that killed him was the boy’s lover, a maid.

The next day, the maid was strangled and died.
The one that killed her was the mayor’s only son.

The next day, the son was pushed off a cliff and died.
The one that killed him was the mother of the maid.

The next day, the maid’s mother was shot with a hunting gun and died.
The one that killed her was the son’s mother.

And so, the all villagers perished.

I’m certain the last villager committed some sin somewhere and was killed in turn.
And the chain is continuing even now…

(To be continued)

The 4th candle is out.


7th candle


This song is actually a song of war.

The toys, going cha-cha-cha
The toys, going cha-cha-cha
The toys, going cha-cha-cha
おもちゃの チャチャチャ
おもちゃの チャチャチャ
おもちゃの チャチャチャ

The toys are the people that the soldiers are killing.
The cha-cha-cha is the sound of scattering blood.

Oh, twinkling stars up in the sky
When everyone is sleeping so soundly
The toys jump out of the box
And they dance, cha-cha-cha
そらにきらきら おほしさま
みんなスヤスヤ ねむるころ
おもちゃは はこを とびだして
おどる おもちゃの チャチャチャ

One night, the people are sound asleep. The soldiers jump out from their standby location and begin the slaughter they call a purge.

The tin soldier, ticky chicky tick
Tonight, a-rappa rings out
The French dolls, oh aren’t they lovely!
Their dresses of flowers, cha-cha-cha
なまりの へいたい トテチテタ
ラッパならして こんばんは
フランス人形 すてきでしょう
花の ドレスで チャチャチャ

In the meaningless war, without thinking of the people, the soldiers with faces of steel, always exploiting them for taxes, “blew a rappa” (a “rappa” is their military term for a gun. To fire guns is called “blowing a rappa”), and attacked the enemy army, as well as the French women and violated them. Once they were finished, they “blew them rappa” and killed them.

A helicopter, looking like a dragonfly
And a jetplane, dutifully fast
Once the siren sounds, it’s “Fire!”
Space rocket, cha-cha-cha
とんぼみたいな ヘリコプター
ぐんとはやいな ジェットきは
サイレンなれば はっしゃです
うちゅうロケット チャチャチャ

Science and engineering are developed, the helicopter monitors the enemy’s lands.
The jet plane sounds the siren, and drops a nuclear missile.
Space development progresses as well, and the enemy army’s movements are monitored by satellite.

Today is the festival for toys
Everyone, let’s sing loud and proud
The sheep baa-baa, the kitty meow
The piggy oink oink, cha-cha-cha
きょうはおもちゃの おまつりだ
みんなたのしく うたいましょう
こひつじメエメエ こねこはニャー
こぶたブースカ チャチャチャ

The war is over. Let’s celebrate. “What about food?” the soldiers said. The people didn’t answer. All the provisions had been completely used up during the long war. “Then take all the lambs, and kittens, and piglets (here, the meaning is not only livestock, but the people’s children as well) and sell them off to buy more food.”
The soldiers had a lively drunken soiree.

Good-bye, oh stars up in the sky
Now it’s time for the Sun to rise
The toys return to their toy-chest
And then they sleep, cha-cha-cha
そらに さよなら おほしさま
まどに おひさま てらすころ
おもちゃは かえる おもちゃばこ
そして ねむるよ チャチャチャ

The people raised a revolt.
They crushed the army and had a revolution. (The night called ‘war’ was over, and they headed towards the light (morning) of the time of the people.) The people that were killed by the soldiers could finally return to God’s realm, and sleep in peace, their bereaved said. This was their requiem.

This song is beloved even now among many people.

-The fourth stanza is often omitted. Probably because it truly makes one think of war.-

Candle seven is out.


9th candle
Satsujinsama – Shock of Pleasure

Oh, why did it come to this.

Marrying into this family has become nothing but horrible things.

And my everyday routine is always under observation by the maid Otae.

And my mother-in-law bullies me.

My husband only shows as much affection as stripping me naked and licking me all over.

He normally spends his days drinking and being violent.

But, alas, the life of a woman is one of self-control.

Because I married into this family, I was able to renovate the brewery my family operated, allowing my younger brother and sister to survive. That’s enough, right? I would be miserable alone, but that would save me from it all.

And then I was with child.

It wasn’t my husbands.

It was a fox’s.

I was scared of having a monstrous baby, so I aborted the child.

Since then, I’ve been unable to bear children.

Otae’s resentment, my mother-in-law’s bullying, and my husband’s violence grew harsher.

My husband finally sold me to a landowner for a night.

Yes, I fell into the embrace of many men because of the excess of bills.

I was treasured, as I could not become pregnant.

Some time passed.

Otae died.

Cause unknown. But she was discovered at the bottom of the well, by my mother-in-law.

Seven days later.

My mother-in-law died.

Cause unknown.

She simply had a fit and died. My husband discovered her with her eyes open frighteningly wide.

14 days later.

My husband came to strangle me.

“It was you! You killed them! I won’t let you get away with this!”

I grabbed a hatchet nearby. I split his head open.

I remember.

Ah, I gave birth to a fox’s child.

“Dear Mother, I will eliminate anything that dares oppress you. So please, come with me.”

I couldn’t help my self.

I smiled.

(-Continued in Shock of the Fox-)

The ninth candle is out.

16th candle: Satsujinsama (Shock of the Fox)


The girl got lost. The people became angry with her, and she got lost on Fay Mountain.

She was told. Go and get some herbs, said her mother-in-law, and don’t come back until you do.

Then the girl met him. A beautiful young boy.

At that moment, the girl fell in love with the boy, and the boy in love with the girl.

The girl threw everything away, and from that moment, decided to marry the boy.

The boy declined. When the girl asked why, the boy said

because he was a fox.

The girl replied,

I don’t mind.

The boy took the girl, and the two lived as husband and wife.
They had more and more rendevouzs, and eventually, the girl became with child.
But the happiness didn’t continue for long.
The mother-in-law couldn’t ignore her daughter-in-law growing bigger day by day.

Who’s child is that?

The stepmother asked. The girl didn’t answer.
Then the stepmother thought that she should marry off the girl as soon as possible. Her face was still beautiful. She thought she could sell her off to some rich person… But a woman with child is damaged merchandise, no matter how nice her face is.


The girl refused.
The stepmother grew angry at her attitude, and stabbed her to death.
What came out of her peirced stomach was neither human nor fox. Two mysterious babes.
Seeing this, the stepmother grew crazy and died.
The moment the mother-in-law drew her last breath, the breath returned to the girl. Her wounds closed, and she picked up what would have been her children.
The girl cried as she showed the boy the already-cold bundles.
The boy said this.

They aren’t dead yet. But you can’t see me anymore.

But why? I would much rather throw away my life in the village to live together with you.

Your wounds have healed, but only by wearing away the life of these children. Humans are weak, unlike us. Every time you get injured, the lives of these children will wane.

The boy said this, took the children, and left the girl.
Along with all her memories.


The fox children recieved bounties of love from their father. One was a beautiful she-fox. The other was a gallant he-fox.

Hey, Father. Where is our Mother?

Far, far away.

Hey, Father. Why isn’t Mother here?

Well, because your mother is a human.

We can’t be with humans?

That’s right. Humans and the Fay cannot be together.

We can’t go see her?

Mother has no memories of you. I erased them.

Why did you do that?

To protect you. You have those horrible scars on your stomach, right? That’s because you took that wound for Mother. Humans are weak. If you were with Mother, and she were injured gravely, what would you do?

I would save her!
I’d take the wound for her.

And that’s why you must never kill wantonly. Because you are special foxes.

We can’t go see her either?

You can gaze at her from afar. But you mustn’t call to her or show yourselves. If you do, Mother will remember you.

Okay. Where is Mother?

In the village at the base of the mountain.

Okay. What kind of person is Mother?

She’s very pretty. The most beautiful in the whole village.


The fox children gazed down at the village from the top of the highest tree.

They found the most beautiful person in the village.

White skin, almost transparent, crimson lips, like roses, supple black hair. When the children saw this beautiful woman, they knew. This was Mother.

Every day from then on, the cihldren climbed the tree to see Mother.

But as they were, they saw Mother being bullied by an old woman and a middle-aged woman. They couldn’t stand it.

They tried to overhear villager’s conversations, and found out their mother was suspected of killing her stepmother. The stepmother went insane, and cut open her own stomach with a knife. Many people saw. But everyone was saying different. That the one that made the stepmother go insane was Mother.

The fox children changed into human form and asked around about their mother.
Two elderly men talked to them.

That house next to the village? The girl killed her mother-in-law, right?

Yeah, said it was her fault she went crazy. I’m just saying, but I sympathize with the girl. She was bullied pretty hard by her stepmother. And her father was even worse.

Her father?

Right after his wife died, he got engaged to another woman. And blessed with lots of children-in-law, he pushed his daughter onto some rich man since she got in the way.

How horrible…

I figure the reason the ex-wife went crazy was the husband’s fault.

Then why is it said to be the daughter’s fault?

Her father was the one saying that from the start. Probably cause he didn’t want people thinking it was his own fault. Bastard’s leant out lots of heavy loans to the village headsman, too. It was probably under that pretense that he handed her over to the headsman, since she really is beautiful.

What a horrible man.

Yeah, I think so too. And the poor girl. After she was pushed onto the headsman’s household, she was beaten severely and forced to become a tool for income. Every night she gets sent to a different man’s house. Her new stepmother and servants even treat her very harshly…

You know all this, but you won’t help her?

You’re talking about the most powerful person in the village. We can’t go against him. Plus, most of the men in the village are paying to sleep with her. Nobody would help her anyhow…

You didn’t think to try to save her yourselves?

We’re old and weak. Say, I haven’t seen your faces before. Who…

The foxes killed the old men. Weak people, people that won’t help their mother, should simply die.

The foxes first killed the servants, and next, the stepmother.

Finally, they tried to kill the headsman. But he had already killed their mother.

The foxes were entranced by the sight of her.

At that moment, the two became so endeared with their mother, they couldn’t stand it. Nodding at each other, they said this:

“Dear Mother, I will eliminate anything that dares oppress you. So please, come with me.”

mother was smiling she saw us and smiled

mother held us very tight



(Continued in Shock of the People)

The 16th candle is out.

18th Candle
Snow White

Snow White lived happily with the prince.
Several years passed. Snow White was afflicted with an incurable illness, and died.
The prince closed his eyes and placed his lips on the motionless Snow White’s.

“If I do this, you’ll sure to waken.”

But Snow White didn’t open her eyes. Come day after day, the prince continued to kiss Snow White. But she rotted, and dried up, and did not awaken.

From all of his repeated kisses, from the rotted lips of Snow White, the prince was infected with disease.

The prince died. I’m certain that he’s living happily ever after with Snow White now in heaven.

How wonderful.

The 18th candle is out.

19: Cinderella

Cinderella was living happily with the Prince.

Several years passed. Having not done any housework or cleaning, and eating empirical feasts day after day, Cinderella became round and enourmously fat. The Prince, of course, didn’t like this. One day, the prince was enraptured by a beautiful towns girl that visited the castle. The prince offered his precious glass slippers to the girl. And what do you think happened? The shoes fit perfectly. The Prince decided that he would remarry this girl.

Of course, Cinderella did not stay silent. She showered them with verbal abuse and struck the girl.

“All right, then you try wearing the glass slippers. If they fit, then do with the girl as you please. You can even kill her,”

Gladly, Cinderella tried on the shoes. But her feet were too fat and thick and she destroyed the glass slippers. Cinderella was then charged with the crime of striking the new empress, and she was burned at the stake.

The Prince and the new Empress lived happily ever after, it’s said.

How wonderful.

The 19th candle is out.

20: The Mermaid Princess [little mermaid]

The mermaid princess became sea foam.

One day, the foam spotted a very handsome man.

The foam fell deeply in love with the boy, as he looked exactly like that prince from long ago, but a little different.

Once again, the sea foam went to see the Witch of the Deep.

“Just for one day. Please, turn me human.”

“You have nothing to give in return. Leave me.”

“Please, I promise I will bring you something in return.”

The witch agreed to this, seeing how desparate the sea foam was.

The foam turned into a beautiful girl and fell in love with the boy quickly. After half a day, the boy proposed to the foam. But the seafoam, knowing she would only be there for one day, refused. The boy said this:

“Then please, come meet my parents.”

The sea foam nodded. She wanted to see the people who brought this wonderful person into the world.

The boys parents were the prince that loved the mermaid princess and the lady that despised her.

The seafoam accepted the boy’s proposal. And she requested they go to a place where they could see the ocean.

To which she returned.

The girl, once again sea foam, went to the Witch of the Deep.

“Did you find something of value, girl?”

The seafoam threw the corpse of the boy at the feet of the witch.

“Yes, this is the child of the man I loved. And I loved him, too.”

The witch smiled.

“This -is- of value. Too much value, so there will be some leftover. I know. I’ll turn you back into a mermaid.”

After that, the mermaid princess fell in love with a merman and lived happily ever after.

How wonderful.

Candle 20 is out.


21: The Flower Girl and the Gentleman

Won’t you buy a flower?

A girl was talking to me. She was looking up at me with upturned eyes with a basket of simple, but lovely wildflowers.

“Why me? It’s a bit off to tell you myself, but as you can see, I’m viciously ugly. There are other nobles and merchants along this street. Why me?”

The girl inclined her head, and a smile escaped easily from her lips, a smile that up until now noone has shown me.

“Oh, I see. I apologize. Unfortunately, I am blind, but… I can tell. I know that you are a very gentle person.”

I was a bit stunned at these words, words I had never heard before. Indeed, her eyes had no color.

So that’s it.

“Alright, I’ll buy a flower.”

I gave the girl a gold coin from my purse. The girl turned her head from her palm to my face, surprised at the weight in her hand, with eyes unseeing.

“I can’t possibly take this much payment…”

“It’s fine. You gave your smile to me, ugly as I am. Consider it payment for the smile.”

The girl looked troubled and opened and closed her mouth a few times.

“Alright, fine. Let’s do this. Tomorrow, come back and sell flowers here. I’ll buy them all. If you still say its too much payment, then come sell flowers the next day, and the next day, and the next day… until we reach payment.”

The girl looked a little hesitant, but after a while showed me her smile once again.

“Okay. Then, tomorrow, in this square.”

The girl waved her hand, and with wavering steps, walked off.

I didn’t see the girl again after that.

She died.

The money I gave her was taken, and she was murdered by a thief.

It appears she was a orphan. There was nobody to take care of her remains.

So, I took care of them.

“Brother, what’s with that dirty corpse?”

“Shut up. It has nothing to do with you.”

My little sister, with a complacent smile, brought her pretty face close to the girl’s.

“How adorable… But what are you planning on doing?”

“Right, right. I won’t ask. Oh, right. I think I’m going to go back to Japan. Won’t you come with me, brother?”

“…Yeah. It’s been a while since I’ve been home. I’tll be nice.”

“Then let’s go now!”

“I’ll go soon. You go home first and clean the house or something.”

“How cold.”

My sister left quickly after putting her belongings in a trunk and putting on her favorite cap.

I let out a sigh. I’m looking in the mirror. I touched my face with my hands. Ugly resin seeps out in drips, and my ambitionless face is reflected in the mirror.

“It’s been many years since I’ve seen my uncovered face…”

I placed my bluish-purple lips on top of the lips of the lifeless girl.

When I remove my lips, the girl coughs and regains her breath.

“Ah… ha… ha…”

The girl looks around her for a bit, not knowing what’s going on.

Then, she places her hands to her eyes, looks up at me, and begins wheezing with long breaths.

“Can you see?”

“I… I can… B-But, I… Died… I was… killed, I thought…”

Crying, the girl held her legs and trembled.

I patted her head, and she smiled. But the tears kept flowing.

“Oh, you’re the gentleman that bought my flowers… But what happened? And you’re not ugly at all. In fact, you’re beautiful…”

“Haha, well, I guess I better explain things, haven’t I. You died. But I resurrected you. The eyes are a gift. See many beautiful sights with them. The coin was taken, by the theif. This is payment for the flowers.

The girl, not really understanding, turned her head from side to side and looked at her surroundings.

“It’s alright if you don’t understand now. No, forever. Even when you head for your second death, it’s fine if you don’t understand. You’re a beautiful person among your people, after all,”

I petted her head once more and stood at the doorway.

“This house, and my fortunes, I leave all to you. Your smile is worth that much.”

“But I couldn’t…”

“Then work as manager of the household. If you need money for anything, sell objects around here.”

The house was overflowing with things she could sell to support one girl living alone. It was simply a whim. She merely looked like my mother. That’s why I was nice to her. A simple whim like that.

“Um… Will we meet again?’

“Yeah, I’m leaving the management to you. I’ll come back from time to time.”

The girl smiled happily.

“Okay! I’ll wait here in this mansion. I’ll do my best to manage it.”

I returned the girl’s smile and left. I probably won’t come back here again.

I’ll head for Japan.


The girl showed her face at the door.

“What’s your name?”

I stopped for a moment in thought, and smiled.

“My name is D’arc, the Black. I’m called the Black Gentleman.”
“Sir D’arc… I’ve been reborn. Please, give me a new name.”

This girl will eventually become strong and beautiful like my mother. To that end, I must think of a name that suits the girl.

“…Jeanne. That’s your name.”

“Jeanne… Then, I’ll take your family name, D’arc. So I won’t forget you!”

Long after I was gone, the girl lowered her head.

21st candle is out.


23rd: Nao and Aoi -Problem-

“I wasn’t invited to the class reunion.”

“Yeah, well.”

I’ve always been bullied. I think. Since around fourth grade. One day, there were flowers on my desk, and since then, I was ignored by the class.

But Nao alone didn’t ignore me. We’ve always been together. She’s my best friend. But because she was involved with me, Nao’s been suffering. She was bullied much worse than me.

“Aoi, watch over the place while I’m gone.”

We lived together, became company employees, and have been together ever since.

I love Nao.

I wonder when it started. Nao started to ignore me. She wouldn’t play with me anymore…

It was that day. Nao said that, and since then, she wouldn’t talk to me anymore. I tried talking to her over and over, when was it again? You wouldn’t even come home anymore…

I’m waiting forever… Why, oh why won’t she come home?

But I’ll be waiting forever.

Even after my mind is long gone.

Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

And then one day, Nao suddenly returned.

“Welcome home”

“I’m back…”

Together again. Together forever. I love her, and she loves me.


Candle 23 is out.


24: Nao and Aoi -Solution-

I loved my friend Aoi. She died, I believe, when we were in fourth grade.

She was ran over by a car right in front of my eyes. It was an incredible spectacle. A truck dragged her several meters ahead, staining the street with red and little bits.

I was really shocked. At an intersection like that with a lot of accidents, she said something about being super brave and ran out into the street. And that was that. Everyone was yelling, but I alone was silent. People asked me if I was all right, but all I could do was stare…

I don’t know how the funeral went, because it ended while I was still out of it. Tears just wouldn’t come to my eyes. But there was a reason for that. It was because I didn’t believe that Aoi had really died right in front of my eyes.

But could you blame me? I didn’t believe it one bit. Right after the accident, at the funeral, even now…

Aoi is beside me. With a face that says nothing happened. She hasn’t even noticed she’s dead.

At school, when she saw the flowers offered to her, she thought everyone was ignoring her, pretending not to see her, and thought it was bullying, and cried. I tried to ignore her at first, and thought I should pretend I didn’t see her.

Then she started to curse people.

My grandma is a spirit medium of sorts, so I asked her about all this. She said, “You must never speak to Aoi no matter what,” and gave me a small trinket for protection.

And then Aoi became very, very sad. She tried talking to all kinds of people, but everyone couldn’t see her, so she thought they were ignoring her. She grew more and more lonely.

But then Aoi suddenly began talking to me.

I, without thinking, responded “Huh?”. It was so foolish… She haunted me from that day…

I’d been possessed

I’ve acted strange since then. Well, it’s only when Aoi is around, but I suffer from multiple personalities.

Of course I’ve been bullied.

After that, I joined a company, and was called back for a class reunion. Aoi didn’t recieve an invitation and was sad. Of course you didn’t, you’re dead. I hadn’t seen everyone in such a long time, and they had all grown up and grown respectable. I fell in love with one of them. He understood my disorder, and even told me we’d get married.

That’s why Aoi become more persistant.

So I told her. Even though my grandma said she might kill me. I took my chances.

“You’re dead. Leave me alone. Don’t come back here again.”

I won.

I lived happily.

But you know, all humans have to die…

When I was 78 years old, surrounded by my daughter, son, and grandchildren, I passed on. I shut my eyes and left this world with the thought that I would be reunited with my husband.

But when I opened my eyes, it was where I lived with Aoi. No, precisely it was the room where I left Aoi.

“Welcome back!”

She smiled happily. You can’t get away anymore, Nao!

I was possessed
so now i cant run

“I’m back.”

We’re finally together forever. Haven’t you realized that you’re dead yet?

or maybe as;dghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Candle 24
is out. Poof

25: (Real story) The Goldfish and the Dream of the Girl

This was, two years ago I think, no, I was a middle schooler, so probably before that. I had a dream.

I was giving goldfish some food, right, a huge goldfish. Oh, I don’t know if I was taking care of it, but either way I loved it. It was in the small space in our houses’ entryway.

And then, while I was taking care of it, suddenly a woman with long hair wearing all white appeared. I didn’t know her, and she was very strange.

She didn’t look at me once, but instead shoved her hand into the tank, took my goldfish out, and shoved it on her mouth, swallowing it whole.

Then she left, just like that.

I think I cried. I don’t really remember.

The next day, when I went outside to go to school, there was a person lying in the middle of the parking lot, and when I got closer, I saw it was the woman from yesterday.

Don’t goldfish lose their coloration when they die?

She was just like that. She was dead. All her color had gone, and she had eyes just like a dead fish. It made me want to vomit.

Next to her was the goldfish she supposedly swallowed. It was more red than before, and was flopping about next to the woman.

That was when I woke up.

Candle 25
Is out.


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