Code Hazard forum up

January 10, 2013


Register and PM me if you want to be a tester. No more updates will be posted on this blog. Nothing is up yet but keep checking back in the coming weeks.


Generation Xth – Code Hazard: Game manual

December 28, 2012

First pass effort at translating the absurdly lengthy game manual. Give it a read, and let me know if you’re interested in testing/proofreading the game.
Edit: Second pass.
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Dragon Quest is dead…

August 8, 2012

Now, sales have come in for the first week of DQX being on the shelves, at a bit over 400,000. For any other game, this would be a success. Even for a Japanese pay-to-play MMO, this is a success.

For a DQ, this is pathetic. The Wii in Japan still has the largest player base of any current-gen consoles (and I use current-gen loosely) at 11 million, give or take. Less than 4% of Wii owners bought DQX (comparitively, 13% of DS owners bought DQ9, and 15% of PS2 owners bought DQ8. I’m taking these stats from VGChartz and DQWiki.) Keep in mind 40,000 Wii units were sold this week, four times what was sold last week to account for DQX’s release. Now, let’s take a look at some numbers…

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Ambiguous Subject

July 24, 2012

There is a tendency to avoid using proper nouns and even pronouns. It’s difficult to tell what is being talked about. Especially with the passive case. It must be noted.

It is important, but not absolute. Being vague is sometimes okay too. Use context.

Know what I mean?


9mm Parabellum Bullet lyrics

July 6, 2012

Rough one-pass t/l of 5 songs.
1. (teenage)disaster
2. talking machine
3. the world
4. heat-island
5. mr.suicide

(might do more if there is interest. click more to read them)
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this is a waste of time, but

June 26, 2012

Does anybody know how, or know anybody that knows how, to hypothetically edit text in a pc game?


I want to translate these Wizardry clones, but don’t know where to start.


Tenets of Translation

May 23, 2012

Was mulling over different methods and means of translation practices during the past few days since I’ve been playing through Kamidori Alchemy Meister (an excellent game by all accounts, and even has a fan translation for those of us not studying moon) and thought I’d scribble down some thoughts I’ve had. Here’s the three tenets I will explain – I) Verbose translations are good, II) Language dictionaries are nothing but thesauruses, and III) Kanji is just as visual as it is literal.

I. Verbose translations are good

Especially when it comes to video game translation, when you have sometimes a *very* limited byte-space to insert translations into, you don’t have the opportunity to explicitly state every subtext implied in the original text. This is saddening, but an unfortunately reality. In an interview with old-school RPG localizer Tim Woolsey, he stated that during FF6, one technique he used to cut down on byte-space is he closed his eyes and tried to visually imagine what it was the characters were trying to say, and typed it out in the least-verbose way possible in English. Having recently played FF6 in Japanese, I can say that his translation is not only remarkably accurate (save some monster names and skill names, but that’s a separate issue), but it reads very well in English to boot.
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